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Deo Thermo, an exhaust gas purifier

(for decomposing and removing VOCs and bad smells)

Such complicated, large, and heavy workpiece as welded structure and castings with many inner cores can be blasted and cleaned in a very short period of time. 

" We engineer the most efficient and

cost-effective systems according to the customer's factory environment, purpose and process."

Thorough engineering for field measurement, designing, installation and support

Systems capable of efficiently decomposing VOCs and saving the energy

Know-how accumulated through long experiences and accomplishments

Excellent VOC decomposition performance and low running cost have been realized.

High VOC decomposition efficiency
Decomposition rate: 95-99%
Concentration: Up to approx. 20,000 ppmc

A variety of applications
Air flow: 5-600 Nm3/min

Low running cost
The higher the concentration of VOCs to be decomposed is, the lower the running cost will be.
The fuel consumption becomes zero at concentrations exceeding a certain level.

Regenerative thermal ETSC series,compact and dedicated for decomposing VOCs

Regenerative thermal ETS series usable at low to high air flow rates

Catalytic ETSC series for treatment of a small amount of exhaust gas

Regenerative thermal ETSR series for efficient deodorization at a wide range of flow rates