• Highly accurate pouring system for quality casting production by maintaining pouring based on each teach/playback control technology

  • Consistent pouring, thus improving casting yields while reducing casting costs and scrap

  • The FVNX models features a consistent metal flow achieved by controlling two axes simultaneously; the ladle’s nozzle lip rotation and the unit rotation

  • Accurate weight measuring components help eliminate over pouring and short pours

  • Existing ladle configurations can often be utilized

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precision pouring system that minimizes defects resulting from pouring

auto pouring systems econo-pour

Automatic Pouring Machine FVNX for small to medium size ladle

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Automatic ladle lid opener


Automatic Drainage System

M-stream Flow Inoculators

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molten metal transfer system

The transfer system protects laborers from hot molten metals and makes a notable difference in quality casting through bringing the melt securely to the mold


flask information management / molten material information management system

Traceability of castings is achieved by collection of actual melting and pouring condition linked with production information from the molding system.



Feedback of results on a per-flask basis

indication of Per-flask pouring information

  • Pouring time

  • 0Metal temperature

  • Material

  • Pouring weight

  • Gate position

  • Material

Melt indication

  • Melt amount

  • Material

  • Inoculation material

Melt information

  • Melted amount

  • Base melt components

  • Residual metal amount

Feedback of melting results