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Green sand property seminar On August 5th, Thai Sintokogio with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (Thailand’s renowned university in the field of metallurgy) arranged Technical Seminar in topic of “Green Sand Properties for Better Castings.” It was a 1 day seminar lecture in the morning and workshop in the afternoon. 


We were honored to have Dr. Kongkiat Head of Production Engineering Department and Dr. Supparerk Professor from Faculty of Engineering as keynote speakers for the event (see photo below). Our main purpose for this event was to help giving basic knowledge about characteristics of quality sand for good casting, sand measuring devices, and how to control the quality on daily basis.  These would certainly help local SMEs foundries to level up their standard and be able to compete at international level.  Due to current Covid-19 situation, we limited number of guests down to 40 to attend the event -- most of them are either owners of (SMEs) small and medium-size foundry businesses or factory manager of local foundries.  Social distancing as well as facial mask wearing were the new normal for us! 

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