Powerful blasting (Equipped with Air Pressurized Tank)

Because MY-30AP is equipped with Air Pressurized Tank, blasting power can be adjusted.  Faster cycle blasting and even peening application can be applied.

Variety of application  

MY-30AP can be applied with wide range of abrasives in turn providing a variety of blasting application to many different kind of product surface.

Compact size

MY-30AP is equipped with dust collector as single unit machine in return saving installation space.


MY-30AP requires less power consumption (Electricity 0.5kW and air 0.9Nm3/min.)


Blasting method
Pressurized type -- Nozzle Thread Dia4 (Boron)
Steel plate construction welded structure Glove light 1 lamp screen (Foot Switch) Cabinet interior faces rubber line
Workpiece passing opening 530 x 560(H)mm with close Limit Switch
Abrasive circulation
Pneumatic transfer (Separation by cyclone – Urethane liner replacement Type
Abrasive hopper
Capacity : 25 Liters
Pressurized tank
Capacity : 38 Liters (Pressure test NOT REQUIRED) Max. usage pressure 0.59MPa
Dust collector
Turbo fan (Dust removal by bag filter) Filter cleaning by manual shaking (Dust removal by rubber plug)
General information
Power consumption : 0.5kW (200V/50Hz) Air consumption : 0.9Nm3/min (at 0.5MPa nozzle 1 piece) Machine weight : 610 Kgs


* To improve quality of our product, changes of specification may apply without prior notice