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For CSR activity, this year we did something different.  “Create jobs for people with disabilities” was a project that we did.  Starting January 2021 Thai Sinto hired a person with lower-limb disorder – minor one – to be a janitor at Baandon Na Huaychan primary school located in Mahasarakham province about 500 kilometers Northeast of Bangkok.  His name is Sarawut – a local 34 years old (Third from the left in the photo below) currently unemployed wishing to work and be able to support his family. The school on the other hand is a public school with 35 students ranging from kindergarten to grade 6.  The school is currently short in funding from the government.There are only 2 full-time teachers and 2 temps available for those kids.  Before we hired a janitor for them, teachers had to take turn to clean up the place and do gardening themselves.

Now that the school has a full-time janitor, teachers can focus on teaching students.  Because of second of wave of COVID-19, our create job event ceremony was postponed to April 9, 2021.  Our HR manager – Mrs. Napaporn – went to join the ceremony on behalf of Thai Sinto.  We gave stationeries to the kids and donated another THB25,000 to the school.  All of these came from donation money from all of us at Thai Sinto.  By the community, for the community!!

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