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budget mold automatic handling system for flaskless molding machine


Full Automation (Reduce running cost)

With Ti-BMS only few workers are required to operate in turn significantly reducing running cost and human errors during production process. Cleanliness and safe environment at workplace can be achieved.

Traceability (Cycle time & error logs)

Current cycle time can be traced by PLC to monitor as well as control of productivity. Furthermore, Errors history are recorded in timely sequence. Operator can go back to history page at any time to find out what went wrong.

Consistent quality casting

In-mold casting will be systematically controlled and timed; as such, cooling period for each casting will be exact and as predetermined. Sand mold will be broken for casting output according to pre-designated cooling duration – stable and superior quality casting can be met.

Low price!!

Compared with the original Ti-AMS series, this new Ti-BMS had been re-engineered by keeping key functions and benefits of the system existence while reducing all unnecessary costs of manufacturing leading to 50% lower in price.

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Molding machine
Mold size
450L X 350W (150/150)mm
500L X 400W (180/180)mm
Pouring line
20 molds
20 molds
mold cooling time
18-30 min (30molds)
18-30 min (30molds)
Patter change method
Sand volume per mold
71 kg / mold
108 kg/mold
Mixed sand required
Approx. 7 ton / HR
Approx. 10 ton / HR
Devices and equipment
Mold car
500L X 450W mm (Material: FC) Quantity = 63 sets
500L X 500W mm (Material: FC) Quantity = 61 sets
430 x 555W x 170H mm (Material: Aluminum) Quantity = 50 pcs
605L x 480W x 170H mm (Material: Aluminum) Quantity = 50 pcs
Weight (customer's scope)
100kg (Material: FC) Quantity = 48 pcs
120kg (Material: FC) Quantity = 48 pcs
Air receiver tanks (Max 0.7MPa)
For FDNX 0.5m3xl tank For Line 1.0m3 x 1 tank
For FDNX 1.0m3x1 tank For Line 1.0m3x1 tank
AC380V / 50HZ
AC380V / 50HZ


 * To improve quality of our product, changes of specification may apply without prior notice. 

* N or S means normal or special type * Special includes cushion cylinder, bigger touch panel, 10 meters length cooling belt conveyor, spare jackets, and spare mold cars.



Dimension Ti-BMS Budget mold automatic handling system for flaskless molding machine.
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