One of our key service categories  is installation work.  
Major foundry plants in Thailand who kindly selected Sintokogio foundry equipment all trusted us in providing this service.  In most cases we deliver our service  as turnkey so that our customers do not have to worry about a single thing. Qualified local Thai engineers and foremen are supervised by our Japanese supervisors. Big projects like this usually require good equipment and software synchronization in order to complete an installation which only Thai Sinto can offer.




Other key important type of businesses that we provide to our customer is after-sales maintenance support. 
We usually recommend our customer to conduct preventive maintenance in order to minimize downtime as much as possible and we will dispatch our well-trained engineering staff to guide the customer along the way.  Nonetheless, when accident arises once the machine actually breaks down, we will send our team to inspect at site and conduct repairing to revive the machine. Our maintenance team with qualified skills and extensive experience will standby for you 7 days week without holiday even during the New Year.


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