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It was 24 years ago today that Thai Sinto was established.  We started off as after sales service company with less than 20 people.  Now we have our own factory with about 120 employees who can design, produce, and repair SINTO products for our customers.  We celebrated our 24 anniversary together at the factory.  President Kamnoon came to attend the event.  Long-service awards were given to 3 employees namely Ms. Maliwan – Production (10 years), Ms. Ploymeesri – Engineering (5 years), and Ms. Kamoltip – – Purchasing (5 years).  Every one was happy!!!  Amid Covid-19, not only is everyday of our normal life affected by it but our economy, businesses, sales and profitability too are greatly hurt.  Despite all that each and everyone of us at Thai Sinto keeps working hard with good spirits and strong morale.  We shall prevail!!

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