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As we all become increasingly conscious of carbon footprint and sustainably selective about the environment, on November 19, nine of Thai Sinto employees selected as representatives from each individual department went to Samut-Songkhram Province (about 2 hours by car west of Bangkok) to plant 88 mangrove trees. Mangrove forest in the area is very important for local eco-system as it habitats many kind of animals. It is also a source of local fishing for people in the community. Our team came up with an idea of “Mangrove Forests Planting.” for SINTO SDG activity aiming to preserve mangrove forest, to protect against coastal erosion, and to maintain balance of eco-system in the area. 

Despite the fact that everyone could not join the event due to the distance unfortunately, all of us did enjoy the photos our team took for us on that day. Our Environment Our Responsibility!!

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