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Dust Collector Technology Cleans the Air.

The keys to improving workplace environment are in our know-how supported by technologies and experience

and in sealded dust collection planning. Dust and smoke significantly vary in concentration, volume, temperature, composition, etc. depending on the customer's operations and process.These factors and more form a complicated relationship when planning dust collection. Sinto has shown first-in-class domestic achievements in delivering dust collectors and offers environmentally-friendly,easy-to-operate, and safe dust collection systems engineered with our accumulated technologies, experience and know-how.

We Offer Optimal Dust Collection Systems to the Customers.

Unique dust collectors applicable to all types of dust and featuring lower space requirements and excellent energy efficiency are available. We recommend a variety of optimal dust collection systems according to the nature of the dust to be generated, processing temperature and gas composition.

Dust Collector Lineup


udc series


ncf series

tdc series

Your Sales & Service UDC
UDC series
NCF series
TDC series
Dust collection method
Dust-off method
Pulse jet type
Pulse jet type
Mechanical shaking type
・UDCM series Usable for all applications ・UDC-N series Usable at high air flow rates
A cartridge filter is used to reduce the space required for installation. May be delivered with a filter assembled.
Shaking with electric motor consumes less amount of air. Consisting of multiple chambers and therefore suitable for fine particles.
Intended use
- From fine dust such as fumes from molten materials to rough dust such as casting sand - Hot gases (250℃) can also be handled.
- Rough dust such as iron particles
- Fine dust such as fumes from molten materials - Hot gases (230℃) can also be handled.
Operating air flow range
7~3000m³/min * May be supported on request
27~700m³/min * May be supported on request
100~2000m³/min * May be supported on request
Foundries (sand treatment, molding and surface treatment), carbon powder, welding/fusing, electric melting furnaces, etc.
Surface treatment such as shot blasting, grinder evacuation, etc.
Cupola aluminum melting furnaces, electric melting furnaces, gouging, etc.


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