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Electrical core shooting application for better hot box core making process

Ti-ecore-350 Core Shooter



Core boxes are electrically heated with digital automatic temperature controllers.

Core making cycle time ranges between 60 – 300 seconds depending upon product shape and size.

Ti-eCore is operated by PLC with user-friendly touch panel. After curing completes, core will be automatically ejected.

As an option, core discharge conveyor belt can be added for full automated system.

With no use of gas burners, machine operator can enjoy better working environment.

Only 14.1 kWh, Ti-eCore’s power consumption

is approximately 60 Baht / hour.


Core box size
350 x 350 mm
Core box thickness
50-150/50 -150 mm
Core weight (Max)
8 kilograms
Sand blow opening
Dia 400mm
Sand Hopper Capacity
160 kilograms
Core making
20 pieces = 14kW (5 pcs x 2 Upper & lower x 2 stations)
Air pressure
6 Kg/cm2
Air consumption
10 CFM
Floor space required
1395 x 2072 x 3455


Electrical hot box core making horizontal partina - top blow sand silling system

Dimension Ti-eCore-350 core shooter
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