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no bake core shooters | Core Making

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  • No-bake system eliminates the need for gas-hardened systems

  • Three models available with a blow capacity of between 12kg and 48kg

For the production of cores without the need for gas-hardening or a pollution control system, Omega Sinto can supply a range of No Bake Core Shooters. Each of the three available models come with an integrated control panel which allows storage of a number of mixer recipes. The integrated sand mixer provides on-demand mixing. Sand shooting capacity ranges from 12kg up to 48kg.

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Premium CB Series Cold Box Core Machine Available in three capacities, the Premium CB Series offers vacuum clamping, quick tool changing and an integrated control panel.

premium CB series cold box core machine

Compact Series Basic Core Shooter Easy to install and perfect for foundries with limited space, this core shooter also benefits from all-pneumatic movement.

compact series basic core shooter

No Bake Core Shooters Our range of no bake core shooters are ideal for the production of quality cores without the need for a gas-hardened system. View Equipment

no bake core shooters

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