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Omega Sinto has six and eight station carousel systems available for standalone applications as well as for integration into semi-automatic moulding plants. They are an excellent space saving alternative to fast loop mould handling systems and offer a variety of other benefits.


The carousel systems feature a peripheral friction drive which auto-adjusts to the rim of the carousel resulting in a low maintenance design. The encoder has been developed to ensure accurate positioning of each station and is very easy to set up. The carousel system also includes a high-end push/lift cylinder for effortless pattern ejection between the carousel, rollover and compaction table. This smooth transition improves the efficiency of the foundry workflow, resulting in an easy-to-manage process.

  • High productivity

  • Peripheral friction drive which auto-adjusts to the carousel rim

  • Very low maintenance design

  • An encoder ensures accurate positioning of each station

  • Smooth transition between carousel, rollover and compaction table

  • Available in three sizes with a maximum pattern size of 1600mm x 1200m.

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Omega Carousel The Omega Carousel system is the perfect alternative to the fast loop system, offering a space saving solution for any sized foundry.

omega carousel

Omega Fast Loop Ideal for larger castings, the fast loop mould handling system is easily adjusted to suit individual foundry requirements.

omega fast loop

Omega Shuttle The Omega Shuttle System is ideal for the automated production of large boxed moulds with varying fill and stripping times.

omega shuttle

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