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omega compaction tables | Mould Handling

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  • Low amplitude, variable frequency vibration for complete control

  • Two contra-rotating vibrator motors for quality vertical vibration

  • Integrated sand deflector to protect the motors and air springs

  • Powered and non-powered rollers for auto and manual applications

  • Maximum load of 20T

Compaction tables are an essential part of the mould production process and Omega Sinto has numerous models available to suit the individual needs of any foundry. Our compaction tables are extremely robust and built to withstand the harsh environments of the foundry. Featuring two vibratory motors and variable frequency allows for complete control over the compaction process.


The compaction table includes sand deflectors, ensuring the motors and air springs are protected from any sand spillage during the compaction process. The system is easily cleaned and maintained to ensure improved longevity. Omega Sinto can provide powered or non-powered rollers suitable for automatic and manual applications. Similarly, we can offer static tables to meet the needs of larger foundries.

Omega Carousel The Omega Carousel system is the perfect alternative to the fast loop system, offering a space saving solution for any sized foundry.

omega carousel

Omega Fast Loop Ideal for larger castings, the fast loop mould handling system is easily adjusted to suit individual foundry requirements.

omega fast loop

Omega Shuttle The Omega Shuttle System is ideal for the automated production of large boxed moulds with varying fill and stripping times.

omega shuttle

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