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automatic mould closing|Mould Handling

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  • Automatic mould closing from size 5 upwards

  • Accurate closing of moulds to within +/-1mm

  • Capable of closing boxless moulds

  • Standard models suit dimensions up to 3500mm x 2500mm

  • Bespoke options for dimensions up to 7000mm

Omega Sinto has developed a precise Autocloser for the automatic closing of boxless moulds. Available as standard in sizes 5 to 10 to suit moulds from 2000mm x 1400mm up to 3500mm x 2500mm, Omega Sinto can also work closely with you to create bespoke systems for moulds up to 7000mm in length.


The Autocloser works by aligning the drag half on the X and Y axis. The cope is then aligned, picked up and rotated through 180o before being placed on top of the drag, resulting in an accurately closed mould, without the need for operators. By integrating a floating table into the Autocloser, perfect alignment can be ensured every time for quality results.

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Omega Carousel The Omega Carousel system is the perfect alternative to the fast loop system, offering a space saving solution for any sized foundry.

omega carousel

Omega Fast Loop Ideal for larger castings, the fast loop mould handling system is easily adjusted to suit individual foundry requirements.

omega fast loop

Omega Shuttle The Omega Shuttle System is ideal for the automated production of large boxed moulds with varying fill and stripping times.

omega shuttle

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