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omega speciality mixers | Sand Mixing

  • Portable mixers for easy movement throughout the foundry

  • Variable height mixers

  • Mobile mixers designed to suit the applications

  • Three-arm mobile mixers for extended reach and coverage

  • Three-arm mixer and variable height mixers

  • Double trough mixers for chromite facing and silica backing

As a world-leading supplier of foundry machinery, Omega Sinto has a number of high-end continuous foundry mixers available for any sized business. Our speciality mixers have been developed to provide extended mobility, reach and coverage compared with our standard continuous mixers.

We have five various speciality mixers which can be altered to suit any foundry’s exact requirements. The portable mixer enables the mixing of speciality sands in multiple locations, suitable for smaller foundries who do not have the need for multiple sand mixers. We also supply a three-arm mobile mixer for large pit moulding with extended reach and coverage as well as a three-arm variable height mixer.

Omega Sinto also manufactures and supplies variable height mixers to reduce the need for moulding pits, helping to keep foundry costs low as well as the double trough mixer which is ideal for facing and backing applications with both chromite and silica sand.

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Omega 200 | The Omega 200 is an entry-level continuous foundry mixer suitable for the needs of smaller foundries.

omega 200

Omega 300 Improved access for cleaning and maintenance along with other novel features

omega 300

Omega 400 | The Omega 400 is the ultimate continuous mixer with ranges from 3-100TPH.

omega 400


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