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omega 300|Sand Mixing

  • 3-60TPH

  • Blade design especially suitable for angular and easily damaged sands

  • Optimised mixing for the lowest binder levels

  • Easy opening door for accessible maintenance and cleaning

  • Robust design with safety key protection

  • Half-moon blades tipped with tungsten carbide

  • Air assist chemical additions with individually adjustable pressures

Omega Sinto has developed the Omega 300 continuous mixer as a step up from our original II series model. Ideal for slightly larger foundries, the Omega 300 has an output range of between 3 and 60 tonnes per hour (TPH). Using tungsten carbide tipped half-moon blades, our continuous mixer prepares sand quickly and efficiently.

We supply the Omega 300 in pivotal and articulated form with the latter featuring either a screw or belt arm. All of our mixers can be altered to meet specific requirements, offering a truly bespoke solution for your foundry. With easy opening doors, protected by a safety key, this continuous mixer is extremely easy to clean and maintain. The air assist function helps to atomise the chemicals ensuring an improved mixing quality. All of our continuous foundry mixers come complete with state-of-the-art control panels providing improved handling for all foundries.

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Omega 200 | The Omega 200 is an entry-level continuous foundry mixer suitable for the needs of smaller foundries.

omega 200

Omega 300 Improved access for cleaning and maintenance along with other novel features

omega 300

Omega 400 | The Omega 400 is the ultimate continuous mixer with ranges from 3-100TPH.

omega 400


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