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omega 200|Sand Mixing

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The Omega 200 continuous sand mixer is an entry-level machine that gives high-mixing efficiency at a competitive price.

The II series foundry mixer provides a cost-effective solution for your continuous mixing needs.


The Omega 200 can be supplied in both pivotal or articulated form, with the latter featuring either a screw arm or belt arm. Mixing outputs range from 3-10 tonnes per hour (TPH), ideal for smaller foundries and catering for a number of individual customer requirements. The split tube mixing trough and removable shaft ensure the system is easily maintained for greater longevity.


The pivotal mixer can be supplied with either the BASIC panel which excludes a PLC and has manually adjustable pumps or, if preferred, we can offer the PLUS panel which includes a PLC and all of the latest features.

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  • 3-10TPH

  • Cost-effective mixing solution 

  • Removable shaft for easy cleaning and maintenance

  • BASIC and PLUS control panel option

Omega 200 | The Omega 200 is an entry-level continuous foundry mixer suitable for the needs of smaller foundries.

omega 200

Omega 300 Improved access for cleaning and maintenance along with other novel features

omega 300

Omega 400 | The Omega 400 is the ultimate continuous mixer with ranges from 3-100TPH.

omega 400


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